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Greetings and welcome!

Getting started

Before going forward, make sure you have met these requirements:

  • Make sure your PC has the latest ADB & Fastboot tools version installed as well as the fastboot drivers.
  • Make sure your device has the bootloader unlocked.
  • Make sure you have made a backup of EVERYTHING present on your phone.
  • These builds include the support for OTA updates.
  • Custom kernels are NOT SUPPORTED, do NOT flash them.
  • Flash LineageOS ONLY with Lineage Recovery (The installation guide will tell you how to flash it).
  • Apart from the vanilla LineageOS source, I also apply some patches on my own, which can be found here.
  • Most of the device sources used for my builds can be found here (Take a look at the local manifests folder and branches :D).

Support channels

I am active on both XDA threads and my own Telegram group or Matrix bridge if you want to ask any questions or resolve some problems.